What is a Disc Jockey?  To my knowledge a disc Jockey is the designated person who plays the music at a function, be it a Wedding, a Birthday Party, a School Leavers Dance and to my amazement I most recently had the benefit of learning a Baby Shower.

Up to the age of twelve, when I was asked what is a Disc Jockey I never answered but in my mind I had always pictured those guys that sit funny on the horse and race each other for the big horse racing that takes place once a year, that was until my friend Noorubee was one day telling me of the School Leavers Dance we were going to and that there would be a Disc Jockey.  “Disc Jockey?” I questioned, to which she answered “DJ” and laughed at me, I too laughed at myself for not ever using my common sense to think.

Our School Leavers Dance was the first time I had taken time to notice and appreciate the Disc Jockey Hire because he had arrived one hour late.  We were all twelve year olds and our parents had dropped us off at school at exactly 6pm so for one hour until the Disc Jockey arrived at 7pm we didn’t quite know what to do because there was no music and we were all standing around doing nothing until the DJ turned up and soon started the music and we danced and had a really good time until we were fetched.

All through my teens I encountered many different Disc Jockeys in many different venues who played a wide variety of music, Birthday Parties, School Discos, Afternoon Session at the Club, Gig at the Clubs, Weddings etc.  Each Disc Jockey had their own way of playing music or should I say they played what they felt was good at the time and sometimes people responded well to it and sometimes they didn’t and the Disc Jockey was shunned for playing boring music.

When I was twenty I dated a Disc Jockey for about a year and I feel it was a very trying time for me.  I didn’t really mind when he was in Cuban dance classes because it was usually reasonable hours and if he played really well he would always get a bonus.  I absolutely hated when he was a School Disco DJ because the girls were always throwing themselves at him and on quite a few occasions I found him kissing a girl behind the school hall.  I also sometime felt very uncomfortable when he was a Birthday Party DJ Hire because he would drag me along to parties he knew would be boring so that I could keep me company.

We eventually broke up when he told me he wanted to be a Mobile DJ, I didn’t have a clue of what that was but I was past caring about what he was doing while he was doing his gigs, my heart just couldn’t take any more of his cheating.