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Team Medical is established since 2011 in Australia it is own by Australian family, Team Medical is a wholesaler deals in highest quality medical supplies. Our service network is expended to nationwide and also it is our strength that we supply for near to all medical centres and practitioners in Australia. We are unbeatable in the industry by providing more than 100,000 best quality products and it is also beneficial for us that we have stock of several reputable and well-known brands which are not easily available in the market. Many peoples want the branded products and every seller doesn’t have stock of its due slow running but Team Medical is able to keep the stock of such products as we have wide network throughout the Australia.  

The Motive: 

Team Medical has set mission to provide reliable services, customer satisfaction and unmatched prices in the industry. Our purchasing is on big scale which results in low cost of products so we can sell products by earning very low profit as well. At this we have customers like day surgeries, medical centres, individual general practitioners, hospitals, podiatrists, dentists, nursing homes and more. Team Medical is also working with the many specialists who include day surgery, skin cancer, cosmetics dental and many more. The background of our success is our hardworking for long time which made our name as a trusted source regarding Australian medical supplies.  


At the time of Team Medical’s opening there were only about 10 employees who managed the business operation but after passing a year in May 2012 employees were double and at this time, we are serving more than 1000 regular customers. At the end of 2013, in December our firm employed 40 staff and customers were also increased from 1000 to 3500. By the passage of the after every year Team Medical network was increasing and our name got the trust of the peoples of the Australia and almost all organizations in medical filed is our customer regarding medical supplies.  

The Prices: 

Our prices are unbeatable in the market and quality is best, Team Medical is earning very low profit on each product which is the reason of our increasing sale. You don’t have to worry about any equipment pertains to medical as Team Medical has always stock of all medical products at back hand. We always try to increase our services level to get the customers satisfaction and customers get the high-quality products. Either are you searching for waterproof bandages or rabies vaccine? Team Medical is the best option for you. Visit our website to see the products gallery and choose as per your requirement. 

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It is quite evident from the name that sachet machine is mainly used for filling the different products like creams, gels, liquids and powders in distinctively sized sachets. These machines are mostly automated and can easily fill up to 0-100ml or 100 g of product into the sachet. With the help of this automated machine the sachets are sealed from all the sides to prevent the leakage of the products – since there is a high chance that the liquids, powder and gels might leak during shipping and delivery. The machine is quite commonly used these days to pack products in smaller proportions. Since, packing the powders and liquids into small packets can be quite difficult, therefore these machines play a crucial role for filling these sachets. Not only this, these machines also occupy lesser space since the machine isn’t quite huge in size and can easily fit in a smaller room as well.

Here’s how these machine for sachet packaging work:
The process of an automated sachet packaging machine is quite similar to the multilane stick pack machines. However, you will see a little difference in the packaging machine. In a machine a huge role of a film is cut and divided in half that forms numerous sachet packets. These packets are then filled with the product that can be a powder, liquid, gel or a cream and finally sealed in vertical way. The machine has almost 80 cycles per minute in every lane along with the ability for 10 lanes that means that the machine can generate almost 800 packets every minute. This also means that the machine tends to produce 13 packets every second. Amazing, isn’t? Because of its amazing speed to produce so many sachets every minute, the machine is now widely used all over the world by different companies and brands for production of sachet filled products.

The 7 easy steps to produce a perfectly filled sachet:

Before you attain the final sachet, there are several steps that a machine goes through to give you the finely packed product in a sachet. These seven steps include:

  • Film transport & Unwind
  • Optional Printing
  • Film Tension & Centring
  • Film Cutting & Folding
  • Sachet Forming
  • Sachet Filling & Sealing
  • Sachet Cutting & Discharge

After these seven steps are carried out perfectly, you will get a seamlessly packed product in a sachet. A perfect pharmacy automation systems allows the manufacturers to pack the product precisely making sure that the product (gel, liquid, powder or cream) doesn’t leak. Thus, installation of a packaging machine makes it easier and way more convenient to pack the products impeccably.

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