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The garden can make a huge impact on the overall appeal of your house. However, gardening for some people can prove to be an absolute nightmare especially if you do not really know what you are doing. One of the oldest, yet most effective methods to overcome complex gardening challenges is with the use of planter boxes. Also known as raised beds, they have been used since decades to help people topple their gardening problems, and even today they are extremely popular whenever the topic of gardening is brought up.

You can either buy planter boxes from the store or just make your own. All you need to make them is to get a box that is sealed from all four corners and fill it with soil. There are countless different benefits of using raised beds, so in this article, we will be going over some of them. So, without further a due let’s see three reasons to use them.

The easiest way to set up Soil
If you are looking for one of the easiest ways to set up your soil for gardening then planter boxes provide you with the ultimate solution. One cannot deny that they are not only highly efficient but also, all you need to do is fill them up with soil and then you can continue adding the manure and fertilizers on top of it. Basically, if you want to make your life easier and want to make a garden without putting in too much work, then these boxes can prove to be a blessing.

Save your Back
We all know how troublesome it can be to water all the plants if you have a really big garden. You might not notice any frequent problems with your back. However, over time it can lead to some serious problems. This is why if you get plant pots, your back is certainly going to thank you. So, you should certainly consider making an investment in these boxes.

Aesthetic Appeal
As compared to traditional gardening methods, one cannot argue that planter boxes certainly make the garden look more appealing. They come in a variety of different choices for you to choose from. This enables you to be a bit more creative and find the perfect colour combination which would go along with the overall appearance of your property.

Planter boxes have been around for decades and it is not surprising because of the convenience they can add to your life Not only can they keep the critters and the snails away, but also they can conveniently be moved around according to your needs. So, make sure that you invest in purchasing them and make gardening easier than ever for yourself.

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Grass gives a really good garden like aesthetic to any yard. The green grass growing lusciously on the soil would make anyone want to stare at it amazement during sunrise and sunset. Grass, however; can be very unforgiving and very difficult. It can make you spend hours on it and still not get as green as you want it to be. It might wither, discolour, grow patchy and ask for mowing every now and then. What do you do in such a situation? Well you get turf installation. Turf is synthetic grass made by modern marvels of science and it’s evolutionary techniques. turf installation in Sydney  is a one time expenditure after which it requires very low maintenance every once in a while. While it still maintains the beauty and even feels like real grass but minus all the drawbacks of having grass in your yard.  turf-installs

Here are a few reasons why you would want to get turf installation instead of planting grass in your yards:

No Discoloured Patches In Your Yard: 

When you plant grass and you do not have the time for tending to it, chances are there will be discoloured grass patches in your yard. There can be many reasons for the discolouration, there can be lack of nutrients for the grass in the part its discoloured in, there can be pests which are damaging the grass and it can generally be damaged from walking over it. When you get turf installation you can say good riddance to discolouration in any part of your yard. Turf is durable and does not get damaged easily so chances are you will never get to see any weird colored spots in your yard. Once you get synthetic grass in your yard will look uniformly green and beautiful.

No Need To Mow The Lawn Anymore: 

When you are tired from work, would you rather spend your weekend morning in bed sleeping in or working on your yard? Real grass requires frequent maintenance, it needs to be water thoroughly everyday. But to make sure not to overwater and make the soil loosen up. You need to mow it down every now and then to trim it down and grow evenly. However; when you get turf installation you do not have to worry about yard maintenance on your days off and can just take it easy. You can just push the snooze button on your alarm and sleep in and not worry about mowing down that lawn anymore after you get synthetic grass installed.

Almost No Maintenance Needed Anymore: 

Grass needs to be not only mowed but also checked for pests. You also need to pull out any wild weeds that would drain the nutrition that the grass could use. Pouring pesticide on the grass and soil to kill of those pests and pulling out wild weeds sounds very exhausting. But once you get synthetic grass installed forget about pesticide you will not even have to water it. You can wash it up if it gets dusty after a while and to keep it cool otherwise no need for that even. FieldTurf has all your synthetic grass needs covered with their turf installation services. They have a variety of synthetic grass whether you need it for your own garden or a sports field. FieldTurf is a trusted name in the turf installation business and is a trusted name in Sydney, Australia.

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Not long ago, there weren’t many choices for materials to build your deck or patio. Most of the times, people would use the cheapest and most widely available type of wood to build it. In fact, wood was the only viable material for such a task, and there weren’t many alternatives available.Of course, this was all in the past. Nowadays the situation is much different: you have a very large amount of choices you can make with regards to choosing a suitable material to build your new deck. Following are some viable choices for such materials, with both advantages and disadvantages listed to make it much easier for you to choose the best one for your needs.

  • Wood – Even though it was mostly used because the only acceptable choice in the past, wooden decks are still by far the most popular decking material even in the modern times. An advantage of going for timber decks is the fact that they are quite cheap to install. The best example for this would be pressure treated lumber. This material is quite easy to find, not to mention being easy to work with. Of course, there are much more choices for wood type if you are prepared to spend a little more. Many types of hardwood make excellent deck materials due to their durability, and since Merbau decking cost is quite reasonable, you could build your entire deck on a budget. The main problem with wooden decks is that they require a lot of maintenance. You need to reapply a protective finish every couple of years, while also watching out for potential rotting, cracking, splitting and the occasional insect infestation.
  • Composites – Composite decks are mainly made from a mixture of plastic fibres mixed with some waste wood. They are quickly gaining market share as the best material for decking purposes due to a few key reasons. They closely resemble wooden decks, even though you won’t have to care for them as you would for real wood. This means that you only need to clean and wash them once in a while, something you can easily do while carrying out your pergola maintenance work. Just be sure to watch out for mould growth in humid areas, and the added cost over opting for a wooden deck won’t be a problem.
  • PVC – While some composite decking materials are made from a mixture of wood and plastic fibres, there are some that are entirely made from plastic. PVC decks are one such example. They cost less than the above hybrid composites, and are even easier to maintain, due to superior resistance to decay and degradation. While these properties are attractive to most homeowners, some people do not like the idea of having a deck with a plastic feel to it. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with it, you should go ahead and opt for PVC straight away.
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